Posted by: phynbarr | May 5, 2008


No pictures of Tiffin – the first cat of our marriage.  She was going tobe called something completely anodyne but her name changed when I heard a skit from Hinge and Bracket.  Tiffin described her multi-coloured coat to a T

She helped us build glasshouses – we were running a smallholding at the time.  And she helped us harvest lettuce.

Harvesting lettuce consisted of gong along on your knees and putting lettuces into boxes laid out for the purpose along the rows.  Tiffin’s assistance consisted of lying in each box and hole-punching it several times with her teeth.  I’m not sure we’d get away with it in these more ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety days.  I cn only assume to supermarket buyers didn’t click

On her first heat she tried to seduce a large and uncomprehending artic lorry in the middle of the road. 

Sadly she didn’t live with us for long and met her end in a road accident, but we enjoyed having her around


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