Posted by: phynbarr | August 12, 2008

Bye bye Boney M

Miko ~ earlier this year

Miko ~ earlier this year

For the first and last time, meet my Havana cat ~ Miko.  He always was a skinny, scrawny little beast from the moment he arrived in our household 9 years ago.  Hence his name.  Miko, I am told is Spanish for monkey.

And he was a lively monkey.  Came to join us within a week of our new Jack Russell ~ Ben



And from that time they seemed to adopt each other.  I’m not sure about gender confusion but I think there was an element of species confusion, especially in the early days.

He was never one of my more memorable cats.  Not naughty or funny or mad or grumpy.  He fitted in with everyone who came along.  The only thing he ever demanded was affection.

And today I have to say goodbye as the vet says that the kidney disease diagnosed several months is causing him  pain and distress.

 Why do we do it, hey?  Why do we let these animals with such shorter lifespans come into our lives and hearts and cause so much pain when they go.

Bye bye Boney M, you’ll be missed and remembered


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