Posted by: phynbarr | August 12, 2008

In defence of the Mystic Model of facilitation


Dreyfus and Dreyfus 1980 ~ Skills Acquisition


I first came across awareness of this piece of research in a blog.  And, ,yet again, I cannot recall which one.  It was about Agile and Project Management and when you look around the web, it has, indeed, been picked up by the IT industry.


However, when you get back to the original (which my organisational library kindly dug out for me) it refers to the acquisition of clinical nursing skills during a dearth of trainees around this time


Their model breaks down learning into 5 stages

Stage 1.       The Novice

Stage 2.      Competence

Stage 3.      Proficiency

Stage 4.      Expertise

Stage 5.      Mastery



Stages of facilitation

Stages of facilitation

Which is where my defence of the mystic model comes in.(see image)





It may not be based on empirical research but on experience and observation but it aligns quite strongly with this piece of research.  There ARE differences in the way novices, competents and experts learn.


And from a facilitation point of view, there are differences in the way novice, competent or expert groups need facilitating.  And it would be a mistake to put a Novice facilitator with a Mastery group.


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