Posted by: phynbarr | March 7, 2013

Bee drinker

In Cyprus a few years ago I saw a structure at a cafe we visited which was a cairn of stones around chest height surrounded by a moat of water.  When the cafe owner turned on a tap, water trickled down the cairn and into the moat and – given that Cyprus is a dry country – presumably got recycled.  This attracted bees from his hives and other insects to come and drink

It’s something I occasionally ponder on and would like to build.  The easiest way, obviously, would be to build a cairn of stones packed with mud or straw or both with a hosepipe running up the middle which could be attached to a tap.  Apart from the fact that this limits its distance from any source of water, it also doesn’t feel very ecologically sound.

So what are the alternatives and how can they be managed without using power – again not very ecologically sound – or tethering it to a water supply (why does the word tethering remind me instantly of Jake Thackeray?)?

If I had some kind of barrel or water butt, this could be used as a central support for the cairn (packed with mud of straw) with a hosepipe out of the top for the trickling – but how to feed the sump – so-to-speak?  If there was a drain from the surrounding moat, presumably the water would drain OUT and not into the sump

So how about if I buried the  barrel or butt so that water drained into it at more-or-less ground level and then used a hosepipe (and suction?) to feed the trickling movement down the stack?  Would that work?  I might need to prime the hosepipe if it emptied but should that – and here I am checking my basic understanding of physics and engineering – would that do the job?

Very crude basic pictures follow




  1. Small solar panel and a pump. Or a perpetual motion machine…

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