Posted by: phynbarr | April 7, 2016

The country I live in now

Have we in the UK EVER been ruled (and I use the word circumspectly) by such a corrupt government?  I think back over the politicians of my lifetime – and I can remember Churchill’s death.  I was only 10 at the time so politics wasn’t a burning interest of mine.  In fact I can confess that politics has NEVER been a burning interest of mine.  I have voted in every election I was eligible for but the argy-bargy and hurly-burly of political argument has never been attractive.


However, back to the point


I remember the governments of Wilson and Callaghan and the Winter of Discontent of 1979.

Say what you will about Margaret Thatcher – and I frequently do – her politics was driven by ideology and a vision that things could be different if not better.  Following her departure we were treated by an ever-diminishing cavalcade of Margaret mini-me’s which culminated in the arrival of . . . .


The Blair and Brown Years!  Here we begin to see the developing glint of self-interest in the eyes of senior politicians.  Brown I will excuse.  I think he was driven by a desire for the top job but not the lining of his pockets so amply demonstrated by Cherie.

And then the pendulum swung (If it’s “swung” not ”swang”, why is it ”hanged” not “hung? Will I ever grasp my own language?) back to the blue end.


Initially modified by access to the yellow of the LibDems we were gulled and beguiled into thinking that life would continue.  Now unshackled, the true grasping nature of those at the helm is revealed.  Never has there been a crew so motivated by what they can get out of their positions for themselves and their cronies.  No-one who cared a single jot or iota would compel the state education system into private ownership.  Nor jeopardise the health of its country currently being crippled by lack of access to funds because PAYE is expected to pick up the tab for every bit on infrastructure we rely on from trains to roads to power.


Multi-nationals and those with trusts in Panama don’t expect to pay for the actual underlying support structure of the countries they parasite on (is that a verb?).  They hop, crawl and slink off to somewhere that pays less .  And less,.  And less. Neither knowing nor caring that the wheel will turn and the countries they are supposed to represent will eventually end up and the bottom of the pile


What does it matter to them?  They will smoothly depart on their luxury yachts to Elsewhere


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