Posted by: phynbarr | April 14, 2016

UPS (non) service

UPS logo.jpg

You absolute shower of plonkers. You couldn’t organise a p**s up in a brewery if you bought and paid for it. It has reached the point where we will enquire of any retailer(this is where you come in Ray-Ban)  if they use you as couriers and will refuse to deal with them if they reply in the affirmative.


Days we waited for a delivery. Days we had excuse after pointless excuse. One of which was that we didn’t provide a street address when WE DON’T HAVE A STREET ADDRESS. And you knew it because we told your helpdesk so when we rang when you failed to deliver the first time.


And when we go away for a few days THEN you deliver. But not the house. Oh no, that would be too simple, too easy and too efficient by far. No your driver decided the best thing to do would be to leave the goods at the end of the drive, in the pouring rain, under a recycling bin. Hettie will provide photographic evidence as we could not believe our eyes. Not only that, the tracking information said they had been signed for. Which is a good trick if you can do it from 300 miles away!


You can imagine how impressed we were with this service. Or may be you can’t. Because if you could imagine then you wouldn’t be providing this sorry excuse of a service that passes for what UPS thinks is it’s USP.



We are equally unimpressed that calls for assistance from the highest level of UPS have been comprehensively ignored.  You obviously couldn’t give a rat’s a**e about the business you allegedly run

UPS logo.jpg


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